In 2015, site owner Christopher Aubert became a first-time Cat owner along with his wife Megan. While she had plenty of Cats growing up and knew how to care for them, Chris was a little resistant to the idea at first. Lo and behold, it didn’t take long for Chris to become attached to their then 5-month old Orange Tabby, appropriately named Garfield. Garfield had a very rough first 5 months; he was born feral in the Southern California desert, escaped euthanasia, and was trucked to Nine-Lives Foundation about 400 miles up north to the Bay Area. From there, he was adopted by a family who abused him, and ultimately returned him a short time later. Chris & Megan adopted him about 3 weeks before Christmas 2015, and he has been a valued member of the family ever since!


Garfield’s story inspired Chris to want to help other cats in need and developed the idea for adoptmycat.com. In partnership with Deborah, owner of Blue Zoo Web (masked hyperlink), who rescued and currently raising 4 feral cats, Whiskers, Buster, Shorty and Bud.  Our site is committed to helping Cats find new and loving homes, as well as helping owners who can no longer care for their Cats connect with potential new adopters. With comprehensive databases of shelters, adoption centers, and veterinarians, finding and caring for your next (or first!) Cat is just a few clicks away. Additionally, our store is connected directly with Chewy.com, which will ensure you will always get the lowest prices for your cat products!





Thank you for browsing out site and we hope you enjoy your experience!


Garfield, Chris, Megan, and the Blue Zoo Web team!